Europol shuts down 2nd largest Bitcoin Mixer, BitBlender remains #1 online

Dutch, Luxembourg specialists and Europol have closed down one of the three biggest digital currency tumblers, Europol gave an account of May 22.

A digital currency tumbler, otherwise called a cryptographic money blending administration, is a namelessness device that professes to change exchanges of non-private coins to private ones by blending crypto assets with others, which makes it hard to follow the assets’ unique source.

It seems the Europol specialists have yet to locate or have any luck shutting down BitBlender, which has remained online since 2013 mixing Bitcoins. Bitcoin Blender has beenknown to launder stolen bitcoins from exchanges such as Binance, Bit Thumb, and even mix bitcoins so users can purchase drugs from the darkweb.

As per the report, the Dutch Fiscal Information and Investigation Service (FIOD) has now held onto six servers of major crypto tumbler, which had a revealed turnover of at any rate $200 million since its dispatch in May 2018. The administration was purportedly one of the three biggest blending administrations for cryptographic forms of money including bitcoin (BTC), litecoin (LTC), bitcoin money (BCH) and others.

In the wake of starting an examination back in June 2018, the FIOD, alongside Europol and Luxembourg specialists, have restricted the stage, as they found that countless blended coins on Bestmixer originated from crime and were purportedly utilized for tax evasion or unlawful financing.

Time will only tell until how long blendr4iebg2guv6bap2imu2g5hfz3lyrk5laowij7egrnynpj2inhid.onion and PrivCoin, the two other biggest trusted bitcoin mixers remain online.

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