Several years later, Europol is still at war with online criminals using the Darknet and Bitcoin Blenders

Since the creation of the Silk Road, government have waged a warfare against the web drug exchange with a wave of surveillance and enforcement. However, crypto-anarchists are growing new approaches to avoid the kingdom’s tentacles as the following technological segment began to emerge in past due 2017. On Monday, the Cypherpunk Bitstream podcast mentioned the evolution of darknet markets as new thoughts like dropgangs and dead drops proliferate into the subsequent decade.

When police inside the United Kingdom’s South East Organized Crime Unit wanted to trap a drug dealer who was anonymously selling huge portions of MDMA via a illegal darknet marketplace accessible only the TOR Browser, they called Tom Robinson. Robinson, the co-founder of UK-based totally Elliptic–a business enterprise that uses forensics to tune criminals the usage of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin–helped police become aware of the 26-12 months-old Portsmouth dealer, who was later arrested and sentenced to sixteen years in prison.

Despite the well intended software and valuable resources provided to federal agencies, sites like BitBlender remain online to use. It is unlikely the Portsmouth dealer used any sort of service such as a bitcoin mixing service, like BitBlender. Many legitimate users use the Bitcoin Blender to hide their purchases and protect their privacy from the public Blockchain. Others use the service to hide illicit funds that were earned from criminal activities. To make matters even more difficult for authorities, the BitBlender is hosted on an onion server at http://blendr4iebg2guv6bap2imu2g5hfz3lyrk5laowij7egrnynpj2inhid.onion which can be viewed only on the TOR BROWSER. Users who use a combination of VPN + TOR + BitBlender are likely privacy protected when engaging with bitcoin activities.

At the give up of 2019, the publication Vice highlighted the fact that on the grounds that 2014 the range of customers buying illicit narcotics on darknet markets (DNM) has doubled. Vice columnist David Hillier’s document underlines the reality that DNMs have expanded since the Silk Road, however the boom of ‘Snapchat sellers’ and other instantaneous messenger carrier drug operations has improved. For instance, Hillier cites a file known as “DM For Details” and is the reason that in 2019, 24% of younger humans stated “they see illicit pills advertised on the market on social media.” fifty six% of the medication being sold are on Snapchat, 55% of commercials are seen on Instagram, and 47% leverage Facebook Messenger. The record particular that cannabis is the most famous drug advertised sixty three% of the time, whilst cocaine become the second one maximum famous drug

Meanwhile, the podcast “Cypherpunk Bitstream” hosts Jonathan ‘Smuggler’ Logan and ‘Frank Braun’ posted an episode which mentioned the advancement of the online drug change and Smuggler’s 9-page article “Dropgangs, or the Future of Darknet Markets.” Smuggler’s studies studied how DNMs have evolved considering the fact that they were first advertised on the clearnet and migrated to the deep net via the Silk Road (SR). When SR changed into seized by way of global law enforcement, dozens of new DNMs popped out of the woodwork with mega-markets like Dream and Alphabay.

Will darknet markets and services like the Bitcoin Blender continue to be trusted in 2020 & do millions of dollars?

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