BitcoinBlender used to funnel stolen tainted bitcoin from BitThumb anonymously

Lawyer Jonathan Levy predicts the $32 million in cryptocurrency reported hacked from Bithumb Exchange was laundered via BitBlender. boasts it’s the “#1 Bitcoin Mixer around the Darknet.” Bitblender claims to make use of intelligent technologies to erase Bitcoin background and make transactions 100% anonymous in impact laundering Bitcoins. It’s even feasible as some allege the hack was an within occupation by Bithumb to produce money or to prevent taxes. The money consequently had been most likely recycled via Bitblender so their origins had been obscured and after that redeposited at Bithumb as being a new money infusion.

The Crypto Currency Resolution Believe in has filed a lawsuit towards the Bitcoin Blender Organization or Bitblender for brief, an unlawful currency exchange which purports to erase all traces from the blockchain from a stolen Bitcoin. The lawsuit continues to be lodged using the Supreme Court from the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) which the Believe in asserts has jurisdiction more than the domain. Levy who’s the attorney for your Crypto Currency Resolution Believe in has also repeatedly warned the British Indian Ocean Territory who’re accountable for policing the leading degree domain about Bitblender. The whois information for Bitblender which utilized to display Japan’s Anonymousnesspeech because the registrant organization for Bitblender continues to be erased in current weeks to display no registrant, a clear violation of ICANN guidelines which supposedly can’t occur if a leading degree domain is administered correctly.

Bitblender itself is really a secretive operation, working in the dark internet having a single public presence at The Bitblender web site offers directions on how you can accessibility the dark internet services and launder Bitcoins. Based on the Trust’s attorney, Dr. Jonathan Levy, the problem is fairly easy: “Bitblender openly launders Bitcoins for criminals utilizing the domain as its only public deal with. Bitblender concluded that because Indian Ocean Territory consists only of the secret US leased military base, they could operate with impunity. Nevertheless, BIOT features a court method and we aim to attain justice. This really is the tip from the iceberg, the worth of all of the Bitcoins laundered by Bitblender because 2013 should be immense.” Levy suggests the $32 million in Bithumb loot was currently processed via Bitblender, creating a sudden drop in crypto currency costs. The lawsuit is Crypto Currency Resolution Believe in v. Bitcoin Blender Organization.

Despite this lawsuit it is highly unlikely BitBlender will ever shut down or respond since it hosts a website fully anonymous on the dark web that is only accessible when you are using the free, TOR Browser at the onion address http://blendr4iebg2guv6bap2imu2g5hfz3lyrk5laowij7egrnynpj2inhid.onion/

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