Bitcoin Blender competitor website – Bitcoin Fog is in trouble

The Department of Justice released article of Bitcoin Fog Creator Arrested who is a swedish national.According to a news release from the DOJ, Roman Sterlingov ran Bitcoin Fog, a cryptocurrency tumbler or “mixer”— which hides a cryptocurrency’s source by mixing it with other funds.

Bitcoin Fog gained “notoriety as a go-to money laundering service for criminals seeking to hide their illicit proceeds from law enforcement,” according to the DOJ. The department says over the course of 10 years, Bitcoin Fog moved more than 1.2 million bitcoin, valued at the time of the transactions at around $335 million.

Bitcoin Fog has received a fair amount of coverage from cryptocurrency blogs and news sites since its inception, with many darkweb websites recommending either Bitcoin Fog or Bitcoin blender.

As of 2021 May the longest running service still online is Bitcoin Blender which can be access using TOR Browser onion at http://blendr4iebg2guv6bap2imu2g5hfz3lyrk5laowij7egrnynpj2inhid.onion

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