BitBlender now offers SegWit & Bech32 (bc1) addresses

Bech32 was implemented to bitcoin software as BIP173 during the end of the year 2017. It is an updated P2SH format that is less compatible with older bitcoin wallets however the trade off is more optimal efficiency and security. As of 2019 February most bitcoin wallets and exchanges support Bech32. Bech32 bitcoin wallet address begin with the prefix: bc1.

There is now 3 bitcoin (BTC) address formats that can be found in the blockchain.

  •  Segwit & Multisig Address (P2SH): all BTC addresses start with the number 3
  • Segwit & Multisig Address (Bech32): all BTC addresses start with bc1
  • Original Legacy Address (P2PKH): begins only with the number 1.

In 2018 May, BitBlender moved fully to Segwit in 2018 (addresses that start with 3) and no longer provides any deposit addresses that start with the legacy wallet address starting with number 1. If you encounter the bitcoin blender website providing a wallet address starting with 1, then the site is a replica phishing scam and shall be avoided!

As of 2019 February, BitBlender now provides both Segwit & Bech32 addresses for depositing dirty bitcoins to. If you choose to use the Bech32 bc1 address there are no network fees charged to you. The new addresses greatly increase your privacy as well.

It should be noted that all addresses ARE reverse compatible! This means you can send your tainted bitcoins from a legacy wallet address that starts with 1 into a SegWit or Bech32 wallet address that starts with 3 or bc1. The Segwit and Bech32 addresses can also send bitcoins to legacy wallet addresses.

It is delightful to see perhaps one of the oldest and best bitcoin mixer running in 2019 with continuous support from the site creator and continuous updates. Many bitcoin mixers have shut down or disappeared but by using the Bit Blender Onion Deepweb bitblendcy276zth.onion it is unlikely that any authorities, lawyers, or tax government agencies will ever find the physical location of the hosted bitcoin mixer.

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