Introduction to BitBlender, the anonymous Bitcoin Mixer

Bitcoin blender mixing serviceBitBlender has been running since 2013 and has proven itself to become the #1 trusted bitcoin mixer because BitBlender still continues to be the most popular and the best bitcoin mixer in 2022. It is continuously mentioned in news by attorneys and law enforcement complaining about being unable to trace criminals who use the service. It is worth noting that not all users who use BitBlender are criminals and many just value their privacy. There are no laws in any country that restrict or prevent the use of Bitcoin Mixers.

Bitcoin Blender allows you to quickly mix your bitcoin with the Quick Mix function for a single transaction or you can create an account if you have numerous bitcoin wallets that need to be combined anonymously.

BitBlender Onion URL is: blendr4iebg2guv6bap2imu2g5hfz3lyrk5laowij7egrnynpj2inhid.onion

If you create the free account, you can send your tainted un-mixed coins to 5 different wallet-addresses at once – they will all show up as a single balance in your account for ease of withdrawal. You can also then delete the wallet addresses, logs, or entire account at any time. For users using the QuickMix feature, you will only be provided 1 temporary bitcoin wallet address to send your funds to. However, you can still specify your clean Bitcoins to be split across many different addresses you control for extra privacy.

Like other bitcoin mixers, BitBlender has a randomized fee of 1-3% to cover the costs of transactions & running the service, plus a referral system that allows you to earn 0.5% of your friend’s mixed coins, if these reach the minimum amount in one week.

How to mix your Bitcoins using BitBlender

Part 1 – Register an account

Be sure to protect yourself and your bitcoins by always accessing the real official Bitcoin Blender onion website or clearnet domain listed below.

Step 1: Click here to access BitBlender

It is recommended you download TOR Web Browser for extra privacy and use the BitBlender onion URL address: http://blendr4iebg2guv6bap2imu2g5hfz3lyrk5laowij7egrnynpj2inhid.onion

Step 2: Click Register to open an account

Step 3: Enter your account data, captcha, and click “Register

Your account will be created and you will be automatically logged in. Now you can begin cleaning your Bitcoins instantly.

Part 2 – Mix your Bitcoin

Step 1: Click “Deposit” to send your dirty bitcoins in

Step 2: You will be shown a Bitcoin address. Like we’ve said before, BitBlender allows your to send your dirty BTC to up to five different addresses. To take advantage of this feature click “Get new deposit address

Step 3: You can now send the desired amount of bitcoin to the wallet address shown. We advise you to take advantage of the multiple deposit addresses feature to increase security. (You can always delete old addresses by clicking the “X” mark on the left side of the address and create new ones)

You can refresh the page to see if the transaction has been successful. Once the transaction has been confirmed, it will be added to your balance. To ensure the deposit shows up with the Bitcoin Blender system instantly, you typically will need to send at least a minimum of 0.01 BTC to your account wallet address.

Step 4: Once you have received the bitcoin in your account . Click “Withdrawal

Step 5: Insert the address you want your clean, untraceable bitcoins to be sent. You can input up to 10 wallet addresses , one address per line. It is advised you use multiple wallet addresses you control to throw off any correlation between the amount of coins sent to BitBlender and the amount of coins that come out.

Step 6: Insert the amt of coins you want to be mixed (1), the time delay you want to add (2), then click “Send bitcoins” (3)

You have now successfully received new, clean bitcoins from BitBlender. If you enter more than one receiving BTC wallet address, your new bitcoin will be randomly split and sent to the multiple addresses. As for the random 1-3% fee, it was already deducted from your original deposit from Step 1, not withdraw screen which makes it nice so you know exactly how much Bitcoin you are receiving if you pay for a product or service directly from BitBlender wallet.

If you need to stop an ongoing mix for any reason such as you decided you are to impatient for waiting for the delay, click “Abort withdraws” at the bottom of the page and then the bitcoin is credited back into your account instantly so it can be resent.

Part 3 – Quick Mix Feature

If you do not want to register an account to take advantage of all the features, you can always use the Quick Mix feature to quickly clean your bitcoin.

Step 1: Click “Quick Mix

Step 2: (Optional) If you have mixed your bitcoin with this feature, enter your previous Quick Mix ID to ensure that you’re not getting any of the tainted Bitcoin you previously deposited in the past.

Step 3: Insert the wallet address you want your clean, fresh bitcoins to be sent. You can input up to 10 wallet addresses , one address per line. It is advised you use multiple addresses to throw off any correlation between the amount of coins sent to BitBlender and the amount of coins that come out.

Step 4: Enter the time delay (1), captcha (2) and click “Create new Quick Mix

Step 5: Send Bitcoin to the address displayed

Step 6: (Optional) You can now use your Quick Mix ID to check the status of your Mix. Copy the code and enter it in the field on Step 2 then click “Check status of Quick Mix


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      1. i solved it right after i postd the phone was defaulting to the google chrome web browser

  2. Deposited 3.00064 BTC & Santa Clause sent me back 3 BTC clean coins Merry X-Mas to All and All the best

  3. Esto funciona bien! Most problem are resolve by looking at the MINIMUM BTC to deposit and withdraw

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  5. used the quick mix feature sent in 0.005 and receive back clean bitcoins fine!can some1 help me understand is there benefit using quick bitcoin mix compare to the registaring a account?

  6. the old onion website is producing error about upgrade to v3.0 onion is bitcoin blender still safe + secure?

    1. Yes. Soon you will be require to use the long URL so book mark the new blender url. It is TOR v3.0 Onion support much more anonymous:

      V2 Onion Services Deprecation
      How do I know if I’m using v2 or v3 onion services?

      You can identify v3 onion addresses by their 56 character length, e.g. Tor Project’s v2 address:http://expyuzz4wqqyqhjn.onion/, and Tor Project’s v3 address: http://2gzyxa5ihm7nsggfxnu52rck2vv4rvmdlkiu3zzui5du4xyclen53wid.onion/

      If you’re an onion service administrator, you must upgrade to v3 onion services as soon as possible. If you’re a user, please ensure that you update your bookmarks to the website’s v3 onion addresses.
      What is the timeline for the v2 deprecation?
      In September 2020, Tor started warning onion service operators and clients that v2 will be deprecated and obsolete in version 0.4.6. Tor Browser started warning users in June, 2021.
      In July 2021, 0.4.6 Tor will no longer support v2 and support will be removed from the code base.
      In October 2021, we will release new Tor client stable versions for all supported series that will disable v2.

      You can read more in the Tor Project’s blog post Onion Service version 2 deprecation timeline at

  7. Does anyone know if bitblendcy276zth.onion the same as the old from many years ago? CS

    1. i certainly do believe so considering same gui and working mixing process. the domain has not worked for quite some time i assume it was forceful shutdown or seizure

  8. BitBlender was reliables for many years but lately website is offline or not load due to ddos attacks

  9. The CAPTCHA on the login is extremely annoying. Slow from ddos and take multiple attempts to login. Please if some admin can fix


  10. BitBlender worked fine and my new bitcoins arrived as scheduled time. I do wonder ifs there is another legit mixer so i can do a double bitcoin mix for extra privacy?

  11. Would anyone have interest in a joint-parter bisness on creating a new mixer for the dark web?

    Bitblender is lacking many features that we could create together

  12. bitblender alway works gr8 for me. sometime they haves a minimum amount required to deposit and mix my bitcoins with the withdraw which kind of anoying

  13. Fantastic! This has been a helpful guide for a frst time user trying to shift bitcoins off my coinbase

  14. Quite nervous with corona virus and bitcoin prices tanking. This may be a very bad crypto year.
    Every euro counts. Any free bitcoin mixers out there with absolutely zero fees?

    1. IF your that afraid of BTC bottoming to €0 then get out now….
      IF a mixer did not take any fee then your exact Bitcoins could be matched up with the amount….
      IT is a *SMALL* * price you must pay !!!

  15. Have you ever thought about adding a little bit more than just focus bitblender? Many wld very much express interest in other legitimate bitcoin mixer option besides just BitBlender.
    respectfully, maurten

  16. hello. how can i check now that after i use the bitblender website and have new bitcoin that there will be no old coins (addresses) among these new coins given to me? do you offer taint-analysis to verify or any easy way for me to ensure i am 100% clean new bitcoins??

    1. There was a taint-analysis tool on that years ago was a recommend for checking this, but have removed that feature from their site.

      Even if Bitblender’s website offered a taint analysis tool not sure why you would trust the same site to analyze the withdraws from their own service as they could bluntly lie, it would make more sense with a taint-analysis from a third party instead.

      Or just manually go back in history of the blockchain several steps my personal belief and check balances have confirmed Bit Blender coins are fully secure and are not recycling old dirty ones from users,

      Dr J

  17. I purchased some coins directly from my real-bank account with a exchange. I ran the coins through the Bicoin Blender service in the article and received my new coins.I am wonderin if I shall do it a 2nd time to be untraceable or fully bitcoin anonymous? Just do not want to pay extra unnecessary fees if one time is secure?

    – 2g1e ~

  18. dear friends

    using bitblender have blended 1 BTC once. now am looking to blend 1 BTC one more time with new second service. can you provide recommendotion?

  19. CONFIRMATIONS TOOK FOREVER !!!!! Why must the bitcoin blockchain be so slow??? Had to wait almost 2 hours to finally withdraw my new bitcoin. VERY SAD !!!!!

    Version: GnuPG v1


  21. i’ve commented before when my coins didn’t arrive. they took a few days, arrived, and now i can’t withdraw because the amount is less than minmum bitcoins. if support want to get in touch, feel free to explain.

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  23. Just want to say thank you! With every website being taken offline every month or year I bound to lose some coins from exits or government seizures. However Bitblender is most likely the longest running bitcoin mixer. I continue to trust them and have had no issues with tainted coins when sending to exchanges.

    Keep Up The Good Work!

  24. You can double your bitcoins by sending up to 0,1BTC to this address 3JL5XFLeXsrifWeqt7Nj3w9N3W4vp3Tqke In 30 minutes you will get back double your bitcoins you sent. Its a nice hidden bitcoin faucet i am glad to share with you.

    1. this guy above james kostrik is a scammer do not send your bitcoin to that address it is not affiliate with bitblender or any legitimate faucet you will lose all your bitcoins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. use to list all the mixers and dark markets to shop from. it appears the government / law enforcement have shut the website and taken it down. does any1 know of another similar site that can be trusted with confidence?

  26. JML.. followed the guide and used bitblendcy276zth.onion yesterday to mix 0.07 BTC. today i am trying to clean the rest of my Bitcoin from taint analysis but the onion has not loaded all day long. what gives? any other reliable mixers??


  27. I wish BitBlender made there own wallet software or had some kind of API. Manually mixing bitcoins through the website takes a lot of time when I send at least 7 BTC through the site a week.

  28. only have Trusts in mixers that are on the onion networks. bitblender has been reliable for many years


    JUST READ http://lchudifyeqm4ldjj.onion/

    This market is shutting down on 04/30/2019 and is transferring its services to a partner company, onion address: weroidjkazxqds2l.onion (currently offline, opening soon)

    1. forgive me but what does this have to do with bitblender in any shape ??
      most peoples like myself use bitblender for legitimate privacy mixing purposes than to buy drugs online with bitcoins

  30. Much helpful guide on using BITBLENDER.AI. my fresh bits came to my celum wallet without any issue beside small fee price to pay to play.

    one thing to add is the coins do not show up until after 2 confirmations on the blockchain so dont panik i am use to many mixers who only require 1 confirmations but 2 is no issue and is more likely safer waiting then mixing imediately

  31. This is not relat to Bitblender mixer instead tos The Dream Darkweb Marketplace. For the last thre months have been DDOS or very slow. Now website has warning about shutdown and rename to a new place for next months. Can anyone give sugestion of trusted market until the shop re-opens door?

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  33. would  some  one  explain  what  this  new  bitcoin  lightning  invoice  is   on  the  mixer  withdraw  page  ?  is  it  better  for  my  btc  mixing  privacy  ?

  34. Greetin! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted
    to give a quick shout out and tell you I genuinely
    enjoy reading your articles. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that deal with the same subjects?
    Thanks for your time!

    1. thank you for the help. recently purchased a full 1 BTC from with my bank account and realised it would not be anonymous and the coin could tie to my identity. so i washed the entire bitcoin for a new clean one with the bitblendcy276zth.onion/ on tor browser. fee was worth paying so i could shop safely

      – nova_ranger

  35. Can someone help Me?
    The website loads but i am uncertain on how to use the hidden bitblender onion address.
    Im’ attempting access the more secure hidden Bitblender onion address http://bitblendcy276zth.onion/
    On my Samsung Galaxy it is giving DNS error on both Chrome and Firefox.
    It is very time sensitive to Mix my Bitcoin soon to pay my Supplier.

    1. are you high on your own supply? did you fu**ing bother even reading? you need to d/l TOR Browser to access the bitblender hidden url or any .onion for that matter. it looks similar to Firefox but it has special capabilities built in. the google play store should have tor browser or else stop being lazy and get on your computer to mix the bitcoin.

      1. Sry I have figure it out a hour after I made that Comment. Can not find out how to Delete.
        My apology @dubsacK normally of course a Tails OS Laptop is my Device to surf on the Deep Web Onion addressees.
        Bit Blender is fine all new coins were sent to a clean address with Exception of a small fee the Service took.

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  37. i have some extra btc from the deepweb majestic garden market. i have successfully mixed it after following the tutorial in this article. my question to you: is there a 3rd party website that i can enter my bitcoin address in for a taint analysis tool to prove that my new bitcoin is fully clean and will not be linked to majestic garden¿

    1. just use any block explorer. enter your address you received the new bitcoins to from bitblender. look in the history a few pages back. if the old address of yours or the majestic garden is not in there, you are safe my friend.

      if you don’t know how to use a search engine to find a block explorer here is a list of trusted ones

      lastly if you do not know what a block explorer read

  38. bitblender is still the best bitcoin mixer in 2019 &quite possiblys the longest running trusted btc mixer according to reddit. using since the begining they have not update home page or system in years But why fix what is not brokens..?

  39. be careful there is a scam bitblender site “” do not use that one it took me for 0.03 btc !!!!!!
    warning to others: the real sites only end all in .io or .onion

    mucho thank ta ill book mark your site 4 future reference and only use the real bitblnder onion url http://bitblendcy276zth.onion

    1. stole Bitcoin from Me to!;( It is exact clone copy of the real wish i hads saw this page before trusting it 4 Submissions on the contact page The A-holes wont rite back If You find out who run this i pay Bounty for the contact information secure mail me on

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  41. The bitcoin mixer took my coins and withdrew me completely new coins. My only question is are these new coins safe to put in my name? Where are they from or where have they been? I just want to make sure I am not using other people tainted coin

    ~-~- Glen ~-~-

    1. broo all coins have some taint to th darkweb or elsewheres. i have been depositing these coins into my personal for 2 year with no problams

  42. Hi i use your service but depositd under 0.01 and it has not reached the wallet. when i check blockchain it says the transaction has been confirmed. can someone help this is all my bitcoinz. any help appreciate,


    1. This website is not affiliated with BitBlender and are unable to provide support. Please contact BitBlender using the contact form on http://bitblendcy276zth.onion/

      In the future always deposit over 0.01 to ensure your Bitcoin shows up in your wallet without delay.

      1. Hi administrator thank you kind for reply. I have resolve issue with them and my 0.0089 BTC credited back to me


  43. One of the original bitcoin mixers still online and trusted in 2018. Bitblender does not get enough credit and kudos. Who cares if the site does not get updated or more features added. The mixer works efficient fast and most importantly is always online stable ever since admin added Ddos protection years back.

  44. after all these years i have seen many bitcoin darknet marketplaces & tumblers open and close but bitblender still remains online through the dips and the peaks

  45. I just tested this bitcoin mixing service and it works wonder
    Was small delay of around 2 hour while waiting for bitcoin confirmation but once cleared on blockchain my new bitcoins arrive to my clean MultiBit HD Wallet addresse

    All best

  46. i have not receive my new bitcoin 🙁 can someone help i have use contact form but have no reply or idea back. is this signature ? did i get scammed ? plzzz help many day pass

    Hash: SHA1

    This is a signed message using the Bitcoin Blender PGP key certifying that address 17i3aE69aBw6djuqjfqnuwMqtX7reHP37S has been created by Bitcoin Blender. Coins sent to this address (minimum amount is 0.02 BTC) between 2017-12-04 12:54 UTC and 2017-12-06 12:54 UTC will be mixed and new coins sent to 16nwbEWtLDkAquVkZMMen4bU8FuEF63vaN



    1. It is unlikely the admin of the bitblender site read this comment so let me help you dissect your issue.

      Let look at the pgp message first of all :

      “This is a signed message using the Bitcoin Blender PGP key certifying that address 17i3aE69aBw6djuqjfqnuwMqtX7reHP37S has been created by Bitcoin Blender. Coins sent to this address (minimum amount is 0.02 BTC) between 2017-12-04 12:54 UTC and 2017-12-06 12:54 UTC will be mixed and new coins sent to 16nwbEWtLDkAquVkZMMen4bU8FuEF63vaN”

      This is a signed message using the Bitcoin Blender PGP key certifying that address 17i3aE69aBw6djuqjfqnuwMqtX7reHP37S has been created by Bitcoin Blender

      Ok, that part gives us the address

      “Coins sent to this address (minimum amount is 0.02 BTC) […]”
      That part gives us a minimum amount.

      And lets look at your transaction.
      17i3aE69aBw6djuqjfqnuwMqtX7reHP37S (0.00816000)

      The conclusion and summary:
      You did not care to read about the minimum amount for STARTING QUICKMIX & sent EXACTLY 0.00816 BTC, which is below the 0.02 BTC minimum require for the system to work.

      You were not scammed by Bitblender you simply didn’t send enough BTC and do not care to read important messages. Good luck hope they return your coin

      1. they did finaly responded and send back my money so iniated a fresh new mix and it performed fine instantly as should be
        thnkss for yur diagnostic reply

  47. Maybe some one can assist i am in need of other trusted bitcoin mixers that work like bitblender for additional anonymity on my coins.

    So far I tryed the and they stole 0.5 BTC so am afraid to test others

    If you can let me know any reputable sites much thanks!!

  48. Well its 2017 and the price is starting to moon beyond 1000CAD. Have a stash of some dozen bitcoins that i don’t want linked to me so i found out about and the service is flawless so far on cleaning my crypto. i like the multiple wallet address and delete feature inside the account area

    Look for me to post back if anything goes wrong

  49. helllo i am a bitcoin miner with antminer S1/S3 and will sell clean bitcoins from my mining operation for small fee cheaper then bitblender email me at if u want to trade

    1. Be careful any1 reading this. This guy sounds like either a scam or not much volume.

      Mining Bitcoin with that setup is similar to such as Mafia III on a Celeron from 2010 with Integ-Graphx-on-board. The game maybe will boot but you’ll not be able to play… this is not 2014 any more amigo

  50. For what it’s worth, I’ve used this service multiple time before and after the unfortunate hack of 2014 and everything has been pretty smoothly.Total amount of ~26btc ran through.

    Authors actions deserve my vote of confidence. Hope it stays up. And Hope Bitcoin rise over $1000 USD one day again 🙂

  51. Ivebeen using BITBlendcy276zth.onion/ no problem for almost 2 yrs & TODAY suddenly its not allowing me / us to sign in or register new account. Getta a “502 Bad Gateway” “nginx” error message. Blender team talk to us what is going on is everything going to be ok soon? WE NEED BITBLENDER BRO THATS ELEMENTAL TO DARKNET SHOPPING!!


    1. Same problemz here. Googling around lot of users pissed AMF. This sucks hope my coins are not gone i will be in deep troubles

      1. Ivemanaged to get in for brief few minutes to withdraw my coin. It is back to the 502 today. Just keep F5. The owner posted on another forum about the issue:
        “Its a DoS attack, im working on fixing it. Everyones coins are safe though so dont worry”

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